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An ozone package for a pandemic? Sounds like I’m a little late to the party, you may think. But with “pandemic” I actually don’t mean the thing which has a survival rate of at least 99.94%.

What I’m talking about is the global outbreak of a deadly mind virus. It currently spreads like wildfire and you should be careful not to catch it. It’s one of the deadliest diseases known to man.

How do you know if you are infected? If you believe that sacrificing your individual rights in the name of the greater good is necessary to save humanity, then I have bad news for you: you may be already at an advanced stage.

If on the other hand you are skeptical about the necessity for lockdowns, mask mandates, and about people being arrested for thought crimes, then there is still hope and ozone could help you defeat the pest.

How would this be accomplished? By helping you stay healthy, be symptom free and test negative, so you won’t have to die in quarantine at the hands of criminally negligent doctors pretending to want to save you from something which a few ozone saunas could probably fix faster than it takes Facebook to fact check a post about hydroxychloroquine.

And once the real infection, the mind virus, will culminate in a collapse of the dollar, the “pandemic ozone package” could provide a way for you to barter with your community to stay alive.

So, for anyone who wants to be prepared in case shit hits the final fan, I put together a list of must-have items.

But, in order to know what to buy, first you need to know what ozone treatments you need to do:

What are the most important ozone treatments during a pandemic?

This will depend on what the next virus will be and which organs it will affect. Will it be the lungs, the blood, your brain, or the skin? No one knows (apart from probably this “man“), so it’s better to be prepared for any eventualities.

But, the goal here is to be able to deal with two different potentially life threatening scenarios: a) a virus causing real, physical symptoms, and b) health authorities using the slightest symptoms to hospitalize, quarantine, or mismanage patients, which together with perverse incentives lead to worst possible treatments.

During the current pandemic, threat b) appears to have posed the much bigger risk to human life.

But we don’t know what the next virus will be which authorities will deny had been engineered. But given that ozone appears to have been successful even with something as dangerous as Ebola, any owner of home ozone equipment will hopefully have a running start, no matter what the next virus will present itself as.

The following ozone treatments should cover any possible access routes for a pathogen and allow for intensive systemic as well as local approaches. In the parenthesis I list the equipments the various treatments require.

1. ozone sauna (foldable sauna tent, long silicone tubing)

2. drink ozonated water (water bubbler, trap)

3. ear insufflations (earscopes, trap, check valve)

4. vaginal insufflations (catheter, adapter)

5. rectal insufflations (catheter and 200 ml syringe)

6. breathing ozone bubbled through olive oil (oil bubbler, trap)

Another ozone treatment which I think could be critical are DIV ozone injections.

vaginal insufflation copy

Which parts should be included in an ozone package for a pandemic?

A full on Apocalypse level ozone package should consist of the following:

1. Battery with solar panels

2. Oxygen source and regulator

3. Ozone generator

4. Accessories: sauna tent, silicone tubing, water bubbler, earscopes, catheters, 200 ml syringe, oil bubbler, trap, luer lock connector, adapter, DIV supplies

5. Ways to protect yourself from breathing ozone: fan, mask, destructor, old towels

Best ozone package for a pandemic

OK, I have to come clean: the ozone package for a pandemic is actually a list of items that I hand selected for you and that you can put one by one into the shopping cart. On top of this, the single items are sold by different sellers.

I know, it’s a drag. Sorry guys.

But the good thing about this is that if you already have some of the things, you can now simply add the ones you are missing.

So, to be ready for the end game of all end games, get the following:

1. Solar panels with battery

You can only produce ozone if you have electricity. Once the Apocalypse is in full swing, the power grid may go down. To be prepared for this possibility, buy a rechargeable battery with solar panels to be completely independent. Once charged, the battery will allow you to operate your ozone generator even when everyone else sits in the dark.

Solar panels to charge the battery. 

A battery to make you independent from the power grid. A diesel powered generator will also work.

2. Oxygen source and regulator

Get both an oxygen concentrator (and regulator) and an oxygen tank (and regulator).

The oxygen tank makes you independent of the power grid. The oxygen concentrator makes you independent from an oxygen filling station. Having both puts you at an advantage, no matter the situation.

oxygen concentrator and ultra high purity tank

On the left, an ultra high purity scientific grade oxygen tank. On the right, a Respironics Everflo oxygen concentrator.

Ultra high purity scientific grade oxygen is available for pickup at Airgas. It comes with a certificate of purity which proves that it contains 99.994% pure O2 gas, which makes it purer than medical oxygen. Get a 80 CF bottle and a CGA 540 industrial low flow regulator. You can use the oxygen for everything including DIV intravenous ozone injections. For other oxygen tank options check out this article.

regulator for tank and concentrator (1)

On the left, a low flow CGA 540 (industrial) regulator for the ultra high purity scientific grade oxygen tank. It will also fit any industrial oxygen tank. On the right is an external low flow regulator which is needed for the oxygen concentrator.

For the oxygen concentrator get the Respironics Everlo and an external low flow regulator. I’ve had at least 5 different oxygen concentrators in my life. The Respironics has been the best one so far. Overhauled models are currently in stock at Promolife. You may also find used machines on Ebay. If you happen to find one which is fully functional and has less been used for less than 5,000 hours, don’t hesitate to buy it.

3. Ozone generator:

The Promolife Dual Cell ozone generator will not let you down, even if the world around you collapses. You can do anything and everything with it. 

Promolife dual cell o copy

The Promolife Dual Cell will have your back when the going gets tough. It also allows to perform ozone treatments in super silent stealth mode, in case you get abducted with your ozone generator in hand. 

Don’t like it? Then pick a different one.

4. Accessories

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, so all the stuff that you need to make the different ozone administrations work. Here is what you will need:

ozone sauna copy

A foldable sauna tent from amazon. Get it now before another increase in tariffs and prices.

water bubbler copy

A water bubbler to allow you to ozonate water even in enclosed spaces. If you want to be able to make enough O3 water for your family, get the jumbo 2,000 ml version.

earscopes copy

Earscopes for ear insufflations. To use them, you will also need a trap, see below. 

catheters copy

Get a box of 30 catheters. Pick small sizes of 8 or 10 Fr. if you want to be able to do bladder insufflations. Don’t forget the adapter, see below.

200 ml syringe copy

A 200 ml syringe is for rectal insufflations. It’s fully ozone resistant.

oil bubbler copy

Oil bubbler for Breathing Ozonated Olive Oil. You will also need a trap, see below. Or use gas washing bottles for the same purpose.

trap copy

You need a trap for ear insufflations and ozonating water or oils to protect your machine from back flowing liquids. One trap is enough.

connectors copy

Get a few extra luer locks, an adapter for catheters, at least one filter, and a check valve.

DIV supplies

DIV stands for direct intravenous ozone injection and it can be a powerful systemic invasive treatment which can be easily performed at home and which requires just a few extra supplies. But it does freak some people out. If you want DIV to be part of your ozone tool box, then you will need the supplies below. If not, then an ozone sauna can offer a powerful systemic alternative to DIV, or hydrogen peroxide baths, see below. 

DIV pandemic ozone package comp

DIV ozone injections require just a few simple supplies but are a powerful systemic treatment which may be the decisive factor in case some extraterrestrial bug hits our planet (I read this is scheduled for December). 

5. How to protect yourself from breathing ozone:

Don’t forget to get a mask, a fan, and old towels to protect yourself from breathing in too much ozone. If possible, get the water bubbler with a destructor already attached to it, like this nifty thing. Or buy a separate destructor and attach it to the out ports of your glassware.

mask fan

On the left, a 3M mask with filters 2097 to prevent you from breathing ozone. On the right, a fan. Both important parts of the ozone gas breathing prevention program.

Other handy items to have during the coming Dark Ages: Vitamin C, Oxy-Powder, and thyme. The last two are great food poisoning remedies. In case you’ll have to survive off of dead squirrels.

Talking about eating: US states are secretly stocking up on food. Clearly, they’re anticipating some major food shortages. At the same time grain silos are “spontaneously” going up in flames all over the country and meat processing plants are being shut down. So, having a big freezer filled with food may be a good idea.

Having at least a gallon of 35% hydrogen peroxide is also a good idea. It works similar to ozone and does not require any electricity to use!

Do you have any other ideas what an  ozone package for a pandemic should include? Let me know in the comments below.

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Do you want answers? Great! I got answers. Loads of answers. But before you ask your question, contribute to my “Make Paola Bionic” project first, then come back here and I’ll get you all the answers you want.


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