Ozone Therapy and Vitamin A – a Bad Combination?

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This is a list of people who have experienced adverse reactions to ozone therapy and were at the same time exposed to an elevated vitamin A intake.

They either supplemented with vitamin A, were consuming foods high in vitamin A, or used topical retinol creams.

Their reactions to ozone were often debilitating, long-lasting, or could not be explained with a Herxheimer reaction.

For this list, I have contacted 18 people. 15 of them fit the described pattern. That's 83%.

[Update January 29th, 2023: 18 out of 21, that's 86%.]

[Update January 29th, 2023: 17 out of 20, that's 85%.]

[Update January 25th, 2023: 16 out of 19, that's 84%.]

As a result, I am proposing the theory that vitamin A significantly increases the risk of experiencing adverse reactions after ozone therapy.

Factors that may have contributed to the negative responses to ozone treatments which I have not explored: vaccine injury and mold exposure.

The below cases may constitute a meaningless association or they may indeed explain some adverse reactions to ozone treatments.

1. Severe constipation after drinking ozonated water

Ozone treatment: Drinking ozonated water of 200 to 400 ml for ca. 2 weeks

Adverse reaction: severe constipation, “completely blocked transit”, sensation of a gas pocket in the abdomen, a highly uncomfortable feeling, sleeplessness

Vitamin A sources: Retinyl palminate supplement, regular consumption of liver, carrots, sweet potatoes, coriander, and mackerel.

This was one of the most extreme cases that I had come across. 

Anthony had bought his own ozone equipment and started preparing ozonated water. His goal was to mainly treat chronic fatigue. 

He drank up to 200 to 400 ml of ozonated water everyday for around two weeks. 

Around 10 days into it, he started experiencing a significant aggravation of his digestion with a “completely blocked transit” and the sensation of a lingering gas pocket in his lower abdomen. The whole ordeal made him feel “very very uncomfortable”. He also experienced sleeplessness.

The symptoms seemed to be permanent and were not getting better.

As it later turned out, Anthony has been indulging in a significant intake of vitamin A, both in the form of supplements as well as regular liver consumption.

He said that he has been supplementing with a carotenoid and a drop or two of retinyl palmitate (5,000 IU per drop) 2 to 3 times a week. 

In addition he regularly eats carrots, sweet potatoes, coriander and mackerel. He has liver around once a week. 

His case perfectly fit my theory. During a conversation with me, he remained incredulous that the vitamin A could be causing his problems. 

Anthony vitamin A and ozone therapy case 1 M
Anthony vitamin A and ozone case 1 M 2
Anthony vitamin A and ozone therapy case 1 M 3
Anthony vitamin A and ozone therapy case 1 M4

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2. Pelvic pain and walking difficulties after rectal ozone insufflations

Ozone treatment: rectal ozone insufflations (also oral ingestion of glutathione, although there were no problems before)

Adverse reaction: pelvic pain, walking difficulties for several days, nausea, vomiting, bladder area pain,

Vitamin A sources: a multi-vitamin containing vitamin A and a separate vitamin A supplement

Eric started doing rectal ozone treatments based on the suggestion of his doctor. He did several rectal insufflations of 200 ml at an ozone concentration of 27 mcg/ml.

He said that the ozone treatments were making him feel awful. He felt nauseous, vomited, developed pelvic and bladder pain, and couldn't walk for several days. 

Upon questioning, he listed a multivitamin and another supplement that contained vitamin A. Although, it's not clear what multivitamin supplement he was using, it's fair to assume that it contained vitamin A, as most multivitamins do. 

Eric was also using glutathione, which could have contributed to the problem, although adverse reactions to oral glutathione are quite rare. Intravenous glutathione treatments tend to produce more problems. 

He dismissed my suggestion that the vitamin A could have anything to do with his bad reaction. 

Eric 1 M
Eric 2 M
Eric 3 M
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3. Constant nausea after home ozone treatments

Ozone treatments: ozone sauna and ozone water

Adverse reaction: constant nausea, heart palpitations, insomnia, lack of appetite, back pain, dizziness

Vitamin A sources: vitamin A supplement as part of Dr. Brownstein's protocol, liver consumption during carnivore diet trial

Desmond was battling what he thought were long-haul Covid symptoms. To that end, he bought his own ozone equipment and was doing ozone saunas and drank ozone water.

During that time, he felt constantly nauseous and was dealing with insomnia, lack of appetite, heart palpitations, back pains, and dizziness.

Unbeknownst to him, some of those are  typical vitamin A poisoning symptoms.

While trying to fix his health issues, he started the carnivore diet and was eating liver regularly, a high-vitamin A food.

His symptoms persisted or got worse.

As he later disclosed, since his recovery from Covid he had been following Dr. Brownstein's Covid protocol which included supplementation with vitamin A.

After reading some of my Facebook posts warning about the dangers of vitamin A, he stopped the supplement and recovered nearly instantly, as he said. On top of that, he went back on the carnivore diet and lost 60 pounds within a short amount of time.

Desmond 1 M
Desmond 2 M
Desmond 3 M
Desmond 3 M
Desmond 4 M


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4. Bedridden after rectal ozone insufflations

Ozone treatment: rectal ozone insufflation

Adverse reaction: severe constipation, stabbing abdominal pain, weight gain (40 lbs), brain fog, depression, weakness, shortness of breath, fatigue, being bedridden

Vitamin A sources: supplementation with liver capsules, eggs, salmon, carrots

How can rectal ozone insufflations incapacitate someone to the point of non-functionality? This story sounded overly dramatic, and yet that's exactly what a woman told me had happened to her boyfriend, let's call him Edward (he wanted to remain anonymous).

She started communicating with me over messenger on his behalf since he was in such bad shape he couldn't do it himself, she said.

But we soon encountered roadblocks, since what she was telling me wasn't adding up.

She said that Edward did a rectal insufflation at too-high ozone settings and that's what caused his rapid decline. The extreme amounts of ozone had incapacitated him and he has been unable to function ever since. The reaction was sudden and immediate and a direct result of the rectal ozone treatment.

When I tried to determine the exact amounts of ozone that were used, I soon came upon inconsistencies and impossible numbers. Originally, she said that Edward had used 45,000 ml of ozone, which is equal to 45 liters of ozone – a crazy number. I suspected that there was a misunderstanding of the units.

Once his girlfriend provided further information, my suspicion turned out to be correct.

Edward didn't hurt himself with excessive amounts of ozone. In reality, he had used around 400 ml at an ozone concentration of 67 mcg/ml.

This is well within acceptable ozone amounts. It could be even considered low, taking into account that Dr. Lahodny regularly performs rectal ozone insufflations of 2,000 ml at an ozone concentration of 80 mcg/ml without incapacitating anyone.

The ozone overdosage was not a likely explanation for what had happened to him.

And yet, he had been suffering profoundly for the past six months, right after the rectal ozone treatment.

His symptoms included severe depression, brain fog, severe constipation, weight gain, stabbing stomach pain, weakness, shortness of breath, and fatigue. Many of those symptoms can be also found on the vitamin A poisoning list.

Was there reason to believe that he had been poisoning himself with vitamin A? Yes, there was. He mentioned that he was regularly supplementing with liver capsules and eating eggs, salmon and cooked carrots, all foods rich in vitamin A or carotenoids.

He was also taking glutathione orally, but this could be excluded as the cause of his problems since he started it months after his adverse reactions.

Once he started eating black beans the constipation resolved immediately and he is now having multiple bowel movements per day. Unfortunately, his other symptoms have not responded to the changes, yet.

Ethan 1 M
Ethan 2 M
Ethan 3 M
Ethan 4 M
Ethan 5 M
Ethan 6 M
Ethan 7 M

5. Feeling tired after 10 Pass ozone treatments

Ozone treatment: 10 Pass (included heparin, no glutathione IV)

Adverse reaction: feeling tired

Vitamin A source: carrot juice

This one is rather short and has nothing to do with home ozone treatments, but 10 Pass ozone instead.

It was a post in the Facebook group that caught my attention. A member reported feeling fatigued after 10 Pass ozone treatments and asked if this was normal? It is not unheard of, but it is rather unusual. Most people feel invigorated and with more energy after ozone IVs.

The problem with 10 pass ozone treatments is that they entail heparin, a necessary anti-coagulant that often produces different adverse reactions which are then wrongly misinterpreted as ozone induced Herxes. The problem is that fatigue is not among them. Although heparin can cause a long list of side effects, fatigue is not one of them.

The vitamin drip did not contain any glutathione, another common source of adverse reaction.

What was it that? The poster mentioned that she was drinking lots of carrot juice. Could this explain her unusual reaction? It would certainly fit the pattern.

Adriana 1 M
Adriana 2 M

6. Extreme exhaustion after ozonated saline IV

Ozone treatments: Two ozonated saline IVs and one DIV (no heparin and no glutathione IVs, although a possible oral glutathione ingestion after the ozone)

Adverse reaction: horrible toxic feeling, headache, extreme exhaustion, inflamed feeling, brain fog, salty taste in mouth, eczema flare, sore and dry eyes, could barely get out of bed for three weeks.

Vitamin A sources: regular liver consumption, prior multi-vitamin and a separate vitamin A supplement 

The next case started as a true mystery. By the time Terry (not her real name) shared her story, she was aware of my theory that vitamin A could be responsible for people's negative responses to ozone. But, she told me, this definitely did not fit her case, since she didn't supplement with vitamin A. 

Her comment spiked my curiosity, as it looked like I had a case which didn't fit the pattern. 

So, we started writing emails back and forth. 

Terry told me that she had received three different ozone IVs: two ozonated saline IVs and one DIV. All without heparin and without glutathione IVs. (Terry said she maybe did take some oral glutathione after the first and third ozone IV, although she wasn't sure. But since she had been taking the oral glutathione for a long time prior to the ozone IVs, it's unlikely that that was the cause of her reaction.)

After each of the ozone IVs she woke up the following days feeling toxic, inflamed, with headaches, extreme exhaustion, horrible toxic feeling, brain fog, a salty taste in her mouth, eczema flare, sore and dry eyes, and barely able to get out of bed. After the first ozone IV she felt like that for a solid three weeks, she said. 

This certainly didn't sound like a herxheimer reaction. 

The reason why she did ozone in the first place was because she was diagnosed with Lyme disease and was dealing with the following symptoms: 

  • fatigue
  • brain fog
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • eczema
  • allergies to food
  • tinnitus
  • eye floaters
  • sinus infection
  • deafness
  • pins and needless

Upon reading the unholy combination of fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and eczema, I understood that the possibility of her not dealing with vitamin A poisoning was very low, so I asked her a number of questions. 

As it turned out, contrary to her original assertion that she was not supplementing with vitamin A, she indeed had been supplementing with it as well as regularly consuming liver. 

Although she had paused the vitamin A supplemenations a few weeks prior to ozone, she was still regularly eating liver. 

As it turned out, Terry did fit the pattern perfectly. Is it possible that the ozone pushed out the accumulated vitamin A into her general blood stream, causing a sudden increase of retinol in her blood and so causing the negative reactions to the ozone IVs? 


Terry 6 M 1
Terry 6 M 2
Terry 6 M 3

7. Extreme burning after vaginal ozone insufflations

Ozone treatments: Vaginal ozone insufflations, DIV, swimming in pool treated with ozone

Adverse reaction: excruciating vaginal burning, itching, extreme fatigue, burning in upper abdomen, lungs, heart, back

Vitamin A sources: Current regular consumption of winter squash (pumpkin), sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, chard, kale, irregular supplementation with vitamin A until around February 2022, used to consume cod liver oil for a few years in the past

Suzy (not her real name) went for a swim in her pool in August, accompanied by her children and her husband. That night she started experiencing severe vaginal itching.

A test found bacteria in her reproductive organ and she was diagnosed with vaginitis.

She tried several antibacterial creams, as well as alternative remedies including MMS, oregano oil, colloidal silver, boric acid, probiotics, and various herbal concoctions — all to no avail.

None of her family members who swam in the same swimming pool that day got any infection.

She then went for ozone IVs (DIV) on four consecutive days, each consisting of not more than 30 ml at an ozone concentration of 20 mcg/ml – well within accepted and safe limits.

Suzy said that the ozone IVs were making her extremely tired and caused burning sensations in her stomach, heart, and lung area.

During one of her last visits to the ozone clinic, she asked to have ozone injected into her vaginal canal. That evening the burning escalated to unbearable levels and has not subsided since. The extreme irritation was once again worsened after another DIV. It also caused itchiness in her ears and eyes.

The burning was debilitating and ongoing.

Could her reaction be explained by a vitamin A release triggered by ozone? I believe so. Or at least, this can't be excluded, given Suzy's previous use of anti-viral supplements containing vitamin A and the fact that her diet contains many high-vitamin A foods (salmon, winter squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, chard, kale).

My suspicion about what happened: The ozone-treated swimming pool water triggered a vitamin A release from her liver.

This was further increased with successive ozone treatments (the sensations of abdominal burning after DIV injections could describe bile release). The fact that the vaginal burning did not respond to any antibacterial treatments supports the idea that it was not of infectious origin.

Her general symptoms match those of vitamin A poisoning and resulting cholestasis (backed-up bile): itching, mood swings (mental/emotional issues), headaches, brain fog, dry skin, and excessive sweating.

Some of those started after the birth of her daughter when her estrogen levels dropped. Estrogen can induce cholestasis. Lowered estrogen levels could consequently potentially trigger a bile release from the liver.

All this taken together: slow build-up of vitamin A levels in her liver, lowered estrogen, ozone treated swimming pool could explain her extreme reaction that was absent among her family members.

Stephanie M 1
Stephanie M2
Stephanie M3
Stephanie M4
Stephanie M5
Stephanie M 1


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8. Crash after ozonated saline IVs

Ozone treatments: Ozonated saline IVs (no heparin, no glutathione IVs)

Adverse reaction: a sudden deterioration of health with pronounced brain fog, difficulty thinking, blurry vision, double vision, numbness and tingling, body temperature dysregulation, profuse sweating, speaking problems, shortness of breath, achy muscles, felt like 100 years old

Vitamin A sources: Started making daily smoothies with 4 eggs, spinach, increased intake of carrots, more spinach, chard, kale, sweet potatoes; took Accutane in his early 20s for ca. 1 year

JR was receiving ozonated saline IVs for a couple of weeks to treat what he believed was Lyme disease at a local practitioner's and was improving quickly.

But after the next few ozone IVs he crashed badly and saw all his symptoms come back and spike overnight. He came down with increased brain fog, inability to think, difficulty speaking, blurry and double vision, numbness and tingling, and the sensation of not being able to regulate his body temperature.

Since the original ozone IVs were performed under a bit sketchy circumstances, septicemia (blood infection) was suspected. A course of intravenous antibiotics had no effect on JR's symptoms.

Another ozone specialist diagnosed oxidative damage based on a live blood analysis of JR's red blood cells. It was assumed that this was because of too high ozone concentrations during the ozonated salinve IVs. But JR said that his crash occurred after the ozone concentration had been lowered. Additional ozonated saline IVs with the new ozone specialist also improved JR's symptoms, making oxidative damage an unlikely explanation for his problems.

JR then took a break from ozone for around 6 weeks. During that time, his symptoms didn't improve, or even worsened. This did not fit a description of ozone damage. Adverse reactions from ozone do not get worse after the cessation of ozone, instead they get better.

This was the key information that made me understand that it must have been something that JR did at the same time that brought about the downfall. It must have been the introduction of a seperate factor.

I turned out to be right. During a later conversation, JR remembered the following: One or two weeks into the ozonated saline IVs, he decided to maximize the ozone gains by introducing healthy smoothies. One of the gains he had seen with ozone was an increase in his weight by 3 kg (ca. 6 pounds), something he had not been able to achieve for a long time. JR hoped that by increasing his protein consumption, he would be able to gain even more weight.

To that end, he started making protein shakes with 4 eggs, lots of spinach and kale. Later in the day, he would often eat another egg, some more spinach, chard, kale, sweet potatoes and carrots. His diet had become very colorful and very rich in vitamin A — without him being aware of it.

That's when the crash happened, after the introduction of the “healthy” smoothie.

The increase in vitamin A was not excessive, yet JR had a history of highly elevated liver enzymes, which is an indication for liver damage. On top of that, JR used to take Accutane (isotretinoin) a type of vitamin A. Accutane is known to cause liver damage and can be stored in the liver for years or decades.

I suspect that JR had an extreme reaction to the smoothies because of his history of liver damage and Accutane.

JR has since reduced his vitamin A intake and has already seen some improvements.

Stephanie M 1

9. Headaches after rectal ozone insufflations

Ozone treatments: Rectal ozone insufflation

Adverse reaction: Intense headaches

Vitamin A sources: Omega 3's containing vitamin A from cod liver oil, topical retinol cream, regular consumption of carrots, eggs, sweet potatoes

Eliana decided to do rectal ozone insufflations at home to treat auto-immune arthritis. Her other symptoms included brain fog, constipation, and forgetfulness.

She used between 120ml to 200 ml of ozone volume each time, which for rectal insufflations is minimal. Her immediate reactions were horrible headaches and head pressure.

She denied taking vitamin A supplements, although her diet included regular consumption of carrots, eggs, and sweet potatoes.

She then mentioned that the week before her ozone treatments, she had applied retinol cream on her face, which had caused her headaches. The same type of headache she experienced after the rectal ozone treatments.

Although, she originally denied having taken any vitamin A supplements, it later turned out that the Omega 3's capsules she has been using contained vitamin A in the form of cod liver oil.

Stephanie M 1
Stephanie M 1
Stephanie M 1

10. Worsening of hearing loss after ozone IVs

Ozone treatments: Ozone / UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation)

Adverse reaction: Hastened hearing loss, increased tinnitus

Vitamin A sources: Regular vitamin A supplementation with retinyl palmitate drops, a separate vitamin complex with beta carotene, cod liver oil, regular consumption of liver, history of birth control pills (raise vitamin A stores)

Samantha (not her real name) has seen a seemingly hastened worsening of an already existing hearing loss and increased tinnitus after ozone / UBI treatments, which are a form of ozone IV.

Samantha's other symptoms include: fevers with profuse sweating, hair loss, fatigue, nausea, low white blood cell count, dehydration, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, low ferritin, malabsorption, longitudinal ridges in the nails, dry eyes, dryness in all mucous membranes and skin (Sjögren’s), Raynauds Syndrome, sleep problems, and some secondary mental health issues due to not responding to ANY interventions.

Many of those sound like textbook vitamin A poisoning.

Her supplement and dietary regimen includes copious amounts of vitamin A in various forms. She has been supplementing with two different vitamin A concoctions, one containing retinyl palmitate, the other beta-carotene. She has been eating liver around once a month as well, and is also regularly using cod liver oil.

Samantha says she has been sick for over 15 years. Around 17 years ago she used to take birth control pills for around two years. Birth control pills are known to raise vitamin A levels.

She says that no doctor or practitioner has been able to help her and her condition remains a mystery. The idea that vitamin A could be involved in her health problems sounded unlikely to her.

Stephanie M 1
Stephanie M 1
Stephanie M 1
Stephanie M 1
Stephanie M 1

11. Intense fatigue and headaches after DIV

Ozone treatments: DIV ozone injections (possibly with oral glutathione)

Adverse reaction: Pressure in face, intense fatigue, headaches

Vitamin A sources: Vitamin A supplements during the time of DIV

LK received DIV ozone injections around one and a half years ago. He felt what he thought was an aggressive Herxheimer reaction with intense fatigue and pressure in his face.

During a later conversation, he disclosed that he used to supplement with vitamin A at the time of the DIV ozone injections.

Stephanie M 1
Stephanie M 1
Stephanie M 1

12. Sensation of mini-seizures and head instability after ozone sauna

Ozone treatments: Ozone sauna

Adverse reaction: Sensation of multiple mini-seizures per minute, a type of “head instability”

Vitamin A sources: Sweet potatoes

This may be material for a longer, separate article. Here, I will only give the short version of what happened to me several years ago.

In March 2013, I thought I was dealing with a Lyme relapse and started doing daily ozone saunas of 30 minutes each. Sometimes, I would do even two saunas per day.

This went on until September 2013. So, for six months, I was doing daily ozone saunas. I felt some improvement in my health, but no breakthrough. In general, I was tolerating the saunas well. Often, I would feel an improvement in the crushing fatigue shortly after the sauna.

This changed dramatically in September 2013 after the introduction of sweet potatoes into my diet, which are rich in carotenoids, a form of vitamin A. Sweet potatoes contain between 20,000 and 30,000 IU of Vitamin A per 100 gr (ca. 3.5 ounces).

A few days after starting to eat sweet potatoes (which I continued to eat every day from then on), I decided to take up the ozone saunas. This time around, though, the response was disastrous: I developed a sense of brain damage. It was similar to the sensation of having multiple mini-seizures per minute. I avoided standing or doing anything physical otherwise I would have the feeling of collapsing any minute. It took around two weeks to resolve.

I then attempted another ozone sauna a few weeks later, with an even more pronounced sensation of brain damage. At that point, I stopped the ozone saunas completely.

For the longest time, I had no explanation why I had developed those reactions after the ozone saunas, but now I think this can be explained through elevated vitamin A levels caused by the regular consumption of sweet potatoes. My diet back then was already quite monotonous, so I remember that this was the only factor that I had changed during that time.

Before the sweet potatoes, I had no problem with ozone saunas. After the sweet potatoes, all hell broke loose after the ozone.

My story matches perfectly with what others have experienced after high vitamin A foods and ozone.

sweet-potatoes pixabay brighter

Sweet potatoes contain up to 30,000 IU of vitamin A per 100 grams (ca. 3.5 oz) in the form of carotenoids and can significantly contribute to the vitamin A burden of the liver. (Above picture and the featured one: © Pixabay)

13. Brain fog and disassociation after nasal ozone

Ozone treatments: Nasal ozone insufflations

Adverse reaction: Brain fog, feeling of disassociation

Vitamin A sources: Two different liver supplements (Vital Proteins Beef Liver and  Body Health Organ+), regular consumption of butternut squash, sweet potatoes, egg yolks, spinach, kale, chard, sometimes organ meats

AH left a comment on my website, informing me that he experienced brain fog, the sensation of disassociation, and the inability to think after nasal ozone insufflations.

Upon an email exchange with him, I ascertained that he had indeed used adequate ozone settings: around 75 ml of ozone/oxygen gas spread among both nostrils, at an ozone concentration of around 13 mcg/ml.

The adverse effects have lasted for several days.

Further questions revealed that AH is regularly supplementing with two different types of liver and organ capsules, and consumes a diet rich in vitamin A in the form of egg yolks, butternut sqush, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale, chard, and infrequent liver or kidneys.

AH also regularly uses several medications which are known to cause liver damage. He has also been spending time in a moldy home, which may have further contributed to the suspected liver detox problems.

Stephanie M 1

14. Elevated blood pressure after 10 Pass and EBOO

Ozone treatments: 10 Pass ozone treatments

Adverse reaction: Elevated blood pressure, heart palpitations

Vitamin A sources: Multi-vitamin containing vitamin A

AJ has received six 10 Passes and three EBOO treatments for suspected Lyme disease.

She has since experienced elevated blood pressure (160/100), heart palpitations, a sensation of heart congestion, and shortness of breath.
An EKG showed no irregularities.

Both the 10 Pass as well as EBOO treatments rely on heparin, an anti-coagulant with a long list of side effects. Some of the side effects like shortness of breath could be explained through heparin. Others, like heart palpitations or elevated blood pressure are not known heparin side effects.

At the same time that AJ started her ozone treatments, she also started supplementing with a multi-vitamin that contained beta-carotene and retinyl palmitate.

There is some research linking vitamin A to both hypertension as well as heart disease.

Stephanie M 1

15. Awful fatigue after dental ozone insufflations

Ozone treatments: Ozone insufflations into periodontal pockets

Adverse reaction: Awful fatigue, pain, bedridden

Vitamin A sources: Cod liver oil, liver pills

BD received ozone insufflations into his periodontal pockets and all hell broke loose afterward. He has never felt worse with awful fatigue and pain. He had become bedridden since. It has been six months since the adverse reactions and some symptoms still linger.

BD has been regularly supplementing with liver capsules and cod liver oil as part of the Morley Robbins protocol for the past four years.

In the past, BD had many symptoms which fit vitamin A poisoning like lethargy, distended belly, neurodevelopmental issues (ADHD), low testosterone, no appetite, lowish white blood cell count.

He also used to have a skin rash of unknown nature that looked like ringworm, but wasn't. It did not respond to antifungals.

BD tends to feel better after blood donation, which also fits the picture of vitamin A poisoning.

BD is afraid to discontinue the cod liver oil and liver capsules out of fear that he could further regress but is planning on adding black beans to his diet.

Stephanie M 1
Stephanie M 1

16. Feeling sluggish, sick and nauseous after Ozone IVs (MAH)

Ozone treatments: Multi-pass with heparin

Adverse reaction: Feeling sluggish, tired, sick, nauseous, sensation of increased oxidative stress

Vitamin A sources: Carrots, butternut squash, vitamin A drops (retinyl palmitate)

JC received multi-passes (3 passes) with heparin, after which he first suspected an increase in oxidative stress due to unspecified sensations of tingling, urticaria redness in legs, and nausea.

All those could be also explained by heparin.

After the following ozone IV he first felt sluggish and tired. After dinner, which consisted of a butternut squash and carrot soup he then felt sick and nauseous.

Carrots have been a staple in JC's diet for a while. Until a few weeks ago, he has been also supplementing with retinyl palmitate drops.

One can assume that this resulted in increased levels of vitamin A in his liver.

According to eatthismuch.com, JC consumed close to 30,000 IU during that one meal. The recommended daily intake (which is likely too high for many people) is 3,000 IU. Consequently, JC had around 10 times the recommended daily intake in vitamin A just from the soup.

Although his symptoms match those of known adverse effects to heparin, what is interesting that they increased significantly after dinner. Hence, it can't be excluded that the vitamin A rich meal and the prior supplementation played a role or are the deciding factor.

Update: JC contacted me a shortly after our original conversation to report that he had a strange health crisis with a sudden onset of cold shivers, tremors, increased heart rate, dizziness, nausea, and severe dehydration. The reaction scared him so much that he went to the Emergency Room. This happened two days after his last multi-pass ozone treatment. He initially suspected that it could have been due to an increase in ozone concentration and ozone amount, from a single pass at 50 mcg/ml to a three-pass at 80 mcg/ml. I mentioned that this was unlikely, since many doctors start their patients at a full 10 pass right away without them ending up in the ER. My suspicion was that he experienced a sudden vitamin A release after the cessation of the vitamin A drops. The ozone treatments may have contributed to the sudden purge and caused the crisis. 

Since then he has been on a very low vitamin A diet, has started taking binders in the form of activated charcoal, ground psyllium husks, PHGG (partially hydrolized guar gum) and has been slowly stabilizing. 



17. Migraines and brain buzzing after EBOO

Ozone treatments: EBOO

Adverse reaction: Migraines, brain buzzing, nausea, vomiting, dizziness,

Vitamin A sources: Various vitamin A containing supplements like multi-vitamin, cod liver oil, organ pills

CKZ received first a 5-pass, after which she felt pretty good. This was followed up with half an EBOO ozone treatment, to which she also responded well. Then came a full EBOO and she experienced “internal brain buzzing and migraine, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shaking, body vibrations, no temperature regulation.

Although heparin (which is required for EBOO) could explain some of those reactions, what is unusual is that she didn't have an adverse reaction to the 5 pass nor the half-EBOO, which of course also come with heparin.

CKZ has been supplementing with various vitamin A containing products like cod liver oil, organ pills, and multi-vitamins for quite a while.

It therefore can't be excluded that what happened to her was due to a sudden vitamin A release, possibly triggered by the ozone treatments.


18. Tired, dizzy, and nauseous after Rectal Ozone Insufflations

Ozone treatments: Rectal Insufflations

Adverse reaction: Fatigue, dizziness, nausea

Vitamin A sources: Supplement containing spirulina, cayenne pepper, and alfalfa

This one was a little more difficult to dig out and it may be that the vitamin A intake was not significant, it's not clear.

BH made a post in The Ozone Group that he was feeling worse after rectal ozone insufflations in a way that didn't feel like a Herx. He reported feeling dizzy, tired, and nauseous. All typical signs of vitamin A intoxication.

In the comments of his Facebook post, he didn't list any foods or supplements he was consuming that contained vitamin A, so it spiked my curiosity. He allowed me to private message him. Originally, I could not identify any excessive vitamin A intake, neither in foods nor supplements. Nothing that raised any alarms.

Towards the end, BH did admit to taking supplements that contained spirulina, an algae with a very high vitamin A content. He was aware of this and about my ozone-vitamin A theory, but doubted that it played a role in his case.

The supplement is called Uptime Original Energy and it contains spirulina, cayenne pepper, and alfalfa – all extremely high in vitamin A.

BH said he was taking it at a reduced dose (one to two pills per day instead of the recommended three), 3 to 4 times a week.

He may be right. It is possible that that supplement doesn't play a role in the fact that he gets no benefit from ozone or that it seems to make him feel worse, especially given the small amounts contained per pill. But it also can not be excluded that that's what causes the adverse reaction. A way to find out would be to discontinue the supplement for a while and observe if any improvement sets in.



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PaolaI’m Paola the Crazy Old Ozone Lady behind The Power of Ozone. I’m a licensed naturopathic practitioner, natural health consultant, ozone therapy enthusiast, researcher, and ozone therapy analyst. I hold certificates in ozone therapy, hyperbaric ozone applications, Oxyvenierung, and the Andrew Cutler chelation. I own several ozone generators including a German hyperbaric 10 Pass machine. I have been using ozone for over 13 years, I’ve chelated with the ACC program for close to 5 years and I’ve been carnivore for nearly 1.5 years. This website serves as a resource for those who are interested in ozone therapy and other approaches to successfully manage chronic conditions.

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  1. Rachel

    Hi Paola, I got ozone MAH for first time 2 weeks ago. I felt relatively okay but last week have been having increasing burning sensations in skin, histamine reactions and ringing in ears. Could this be related to vitamin A and if so should I do a liver gallbladder flush? What is the right move in this scenario? feeling pretty upset. Thank you!

  2. Stacy

    Hello! If someone has been supplementing/consuming high vitamin A, what do you think would be a safe timeframe for starting ozone after eliminating this from the diet?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Stacy,

      my guess would be around 2 weeks …


  3. Kiera Schlihs

    Hi Paola,
    I so appreciate you and all of your comprensive information on all things ozone. I've been studying oxygen and ozone therapy since the early 90's and actually had a machine made for me back then when it was impossible to find one to purchase. I did body bagging and bubbled through olive oil for breathing also insufflation.
    Now I have a Promolife 03Arc and am learning so much from your puplications..thank you.
    It's been so helpful to learn about the potentail counterindications with ozone and Vitamin C, Glutathione and Vitamin A toxicity…
    There is alot of conflicting info out there.. I am wondering if in regards to Vit A, is it mainly toxic when taken near an ozone treatment? Does it pertain to beta caretene and retinol?
    For example, Morley Robbins really promotes higher doses of Retinol, Copper etc. what are your thoughts…? Thank you
    here he discusses this extensively;

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Kiera,

      I believe that all forms of vitamin A are likely toxic, doesn't matter whether from animal protein, plants, topical creams, pharmaceuticals or however else.
      This includes retinol, retinyl, carotenes, carotenoids like lutein or astaxanthin or zeaxanthin, retinoic acid, tretinoins, isotretinoins, you name it.

      I know of Morley Robbins. There is also Ray Peat, Dr. Paul Saladino, Carnivore Aurelius, Dr. Berg, and countless other influencers pushing their liver pills, “ancestral organ supplements”, and so on.

      Many of them end up on Grant Genereux' forum: https://ggenereux.blog or with Dr. Garrett Smith (Nutrition Detective) trying to regain their health.

      The way to go is to stop listening to all of them and to follow your experience, in my opinion.


    • Katy

      Hi Paola, I have an idea about why the vitamin A release is happening. The ozone might be changing the cell metabolism – inducing the fat burning mechanism in the cells and so the fat soluble vitamins, hormones, toxins, latent microbes (and any other things trapped in the micelles – viruses? ) are being released. Perhaps reducing intake of fat soluble vitamins, chelation or very tapered ozone might optimise ozone treatment. The change in cell metabolism would explain the testimonial on the ear insufflation page about tumour shrinkage. (FYI I'm not a medical person, just read a lot. Jeffrey Dach MD has a site with a lot of info about cell metabolism, you may have already read it). Thanks for the info on your site.

  4. Elliot R Feldman

    Should HBOT have similar possibilities?

    • Paola Dziwetzki

      Hi Elliot,

      potentially ….


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